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About Us

"Poker Hand Protector" is a husband and wife business. On the right is a photo of myself (Nash) and Lana, in front of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Lana and I love playing poker, We have played at many casinos around the country.  We also play online.



What is "protecting your poker hand"?  To protect your cards is to place a chip or some other small object on top of them so that they don't accidentally get mucked by the dealer, mixed with another player's discards, or otherwise become dead when you'd like to play them.

I was looking for a poker card cover and noticed that the ones being sold were shaped like a poker chip. To me that just seemed boring. Of course, it's easy and cheap to stamp out those round card protectors.

After being unable to find an exciting shape I started designing various card protectors myself. One day it just hit me. Why not have a poker card protector that looks like a miniature poker table top? The more I thought of it, the more I liked it. I had a prototype made and my friends loved it.

I liked the design so much that I spoke with a patent lawyer and got a design patent on it.

My design is made up of two pieces that are glued together. The "base" is the poker table-shaped part. The whole purpose of using a poker card protector instead of a poker chip is to show your individuality. So, I had to make it personalized. That's where the second part came in. This part, I refer to it as "the insert", will be a series of various designs that will make it personal. At this time, we are offering rhodium initials, with or without swarovski crystals, zodiac signs, favorite professional and college sports teams etc. We plan to add Nascar items, nations flags, dog breeds, car models etc.

One of my first play-doh models of what I had in my mind

I researched different materials. For the "base" I settled on pewter. Cast pewter has the elegant look and feel of a piece of jewelry.

One of the first prototypes

I was inspired by the World Poker Tour table as shown on TV. So, I chose the green and white colors for the table. I chose a cream instead of white as it looked classier. The green and cream colors are enamel that is poured in recessed areas in the cast pewter. This has to be done one color at a time and then baked to harden. After both the colors are baked, a thin epoxy layer is put on to protect the enamel. The result is a beautiful work of art that looks at home on a poker table in Bellagio.

The finished base

We hope these poker hand protectors will bring joy to you and your loved ones.


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